The name of this organization shall be The International Inbound Services Forum, hereafter referred to as The Forum.

Purpose and Objectives

The purpose for which The Forum is established is to promote and aid the development of international inbound services, such as the International Toll-Free Service, the International Shared-Cost Service, the International Premium Rate Service and the Home Country Direct Service (as defined by the ITU-T), and to develop and expand the market and use of these services.

The objectives of The Forum are:

To stimulate the expansion of the market for international inbound services through participation of new international carriers and the creation of additional agreements between participating carriers.

To provide an avenue for the exchange of information, the development of co-operative ventures and the identification and resolution of problems in the provisioning and development of international inbound services.

To collect and disseminate information of interest to The Forum regarding the marketing and development of international inbound services as well as user views on the services (as expressed at “Carrier Clubs”, in market research and general feedback to sales).

To strengthen the links among international carriers and so facilitate the free and open exchange of ideas and information about existing or potential international service offerings pertaining or related to international inbound services.

The Organization

The business of The Forum is conducted through the following components:

I) The General Assembly

The General Assembly consists of all international carriers qualified for membership in The Forum as per the provisions contained in the membership section. An open meeting of the General Assembly is to be held at intervals not to exceed 24 months. All business, or decisions required of The Forum may be handled by the simple majority agreement of those members in attendance at the General Assembly meetings. On any matters put to a vote during General Assembly meetings, each member may cast one (1) vote regardless of the number of persons from that member in attendance. The Forum”s General Assembly Meeting may be hosted by any carrier or group of carriers subject to approval by the Steering Committee. The principal costs of The General Assembly Meeting will be shared amongst the attendees. Individual carriers are invited to sponsor a meal or event at their discretion.

II) The Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is charged with the planning and organization of The Forum business and activities, including meetings of the General Assembly, and is intended to act as a catalyst for meeting its objectives. Steering Committee members are elected at each General Assembly from the qualified members of The Forum. It is the qualifying member company that is elected to the Steering Committee, not the specific individual representing the member company. At such time the previously elected members will give up their seats on the Steering Committee. Any or all may choose to run for re-election for the following term as may any qualified member of the General Assembly. Steering Committee members make a commitment to attend the Steering Committee conference calls and participate in the work of the Steering Committee. Steering Committee members who do not participate for 3 consecutive months will be considered as having resigned from the Steering Committee. Resignations due to non-participation are at the sole discretion of the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee will elect a Chairperson after each General Assembly meeting.

III) Task Forces

A Task Force may be created by mandate of the General Assembly or Steering Committee, to address and pursue specific topics or business of The Forum.


Membership is open to all international carriers who provide, or are planning to provide, some form of international inbound service covered by the scope of The Forum through their own voice networks or the network of an associated company. Any such carrier may register as a member of The Forum and is eligible to participate in all activities of The Forum.