In 2017 New York was the location for the yearly meeting of the International Inbound Services Forum. We met there mid of October and had a valuable and interesting event. Thanks to BICS, they hosted the event and managed a perfect organization of the meeting! We could discuss a lot of the ongoing topics and we continue to find solutions for the open tasks related to the services.

We reviewed the existing content of the factbook. Now we will work on improvals for showing the information our customers expect to see for all participating countries and carriers. This task will be an ongoing job for the next year.

The worldwide switch to IP based solutions causes activities in the technical infrastructure of our service platforms to guarantee the continous operation of all active service numbers. For this a well connected network of experts of all participating carriers is indispensible.

The persons involved in the ongoing task forces are mentioned in the respective part of the factbook website.

Further we discussed the threads of fraudulent usage of service numbers and how to protect the end customers against such kind of misuse. The results will help us to offer best quality of services towards our customers.

The event has shown again that the multilateral meetings are very important for enabling all carriers involved in this business to offer solutions we all can rely on.

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