Welcome to the website of the
International Inbound Services Forum


This website aims to be a source of information for providers of international inbound telecommunications services as united in the International Inbound Services Forum. Further parts of it, like the factbook, may be a source of information for users of these services.
The purpose for which this forum is established is to promote and aid the development of international inbound services, such as:

  • the International Toll-Free Service,
  • the International Shared-Cost Service,
  • the International Premium Rate Service
  • the Home Country Direct Service
  • Domestic/Local Access Numbers
  • Universal Numbers

as defined by the ITU-T, and to develop and expand the market and use of these services.

Membership is open to all international telecommunications carriers who provide, or are planning to provide, some form of international inbound service covered by the scope of the forum through their own voice networks or the network of an associated company. Any such carrier may register as a member of the forum and is eligible to participate in all activities of the forum.

One of the functions of the iis-forum website is the fact book. This shows you information from 99 carriers in 69 countries regarding their local international inbound services situation. The steering committee of the iis-forum encourages every member to update it’s entry in the factbook to the new layout. Members may share information for maintenance purposes in the members section.